Friday, March 16, 2012

Greetings from Marathon Caye!

hello! it's been a while!

today I visited a beautiful place on the Grid called Marathon Caye. It's a fishing location, but it's also a wonderful place to take pictures in.

I am wearing the new Magika hair, called Push. I like her new mesh hair line so much.
The outfit is a little something I made up matching different pieces of outfits from my store, +Blue Blood+. The corset is one of the Dora Corsets Set, the gloves are from an outfit called Diana (a very recent release), and I'm also wearing the Elvira tights, in black & white.
The boots are not new at all but I have just steadily loved them for... ever! They are Mon Tissu's provence Riding Boots, in black.

The accessories are from the beautiful Corvus set by Lolapop
The Skin & makeup layer are by [Matrioska], Blue Blood's skin branch. It's the Fantasy set, released a few days ago.

Those beautiful pink eyes are Anime eyes by Gauze.. this is another set I can't get tired of!
For those of you always looking for pretty poses, thoughout this post I used Croire poses from different sets.

* Hair by Magika
* Clothes by +Blue Blood+
* Boots by Mon Tissu
* Skin by [Matrioska]
* Accessories by Lolapop
* Eyes by Gauze
* Poses by Croire
* Location: Marathon Caye

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pretty (in) Dark

Today Tuesday and I went to Alpha Point to take some pictures... I have to say, this sim is beautiful, you should visit.

I decided to wear all things Sn@tch today, since Ivey creates such beautiful clothing, and Tuesday went for some L&B.

My Skin today is the new release from Rosy Mood, absolutely GORGEOUS. I have to say, I wear all her skins for my own store ads as soon as they come out, because they make my clothes look prettier =3

so well, that's it for today!


on Tuesday:

Clothes by L&B (sorry no LM)
Glasses by PrimOptic
Socks by League
Hair by Amacci
Skin by Curio

on Me:

Clothes by Sn@tch
Hair by Junwave
Skin by Rosy Mood
Neclace by Ticky Tacky

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

well it's been a while

I last posted here... last year!
I intend to keep up with posts more often now, and keep this cute blog in shape.

(click to enlarge image)

These pics we took after going to the Albero Gatcha Festival, where I got a bunch of things, few of which were clothing (all of them adorable though.. you should go.. really!). After that Tuesday (pretty brunette) and I (weird nerdy thing) went shopping to Niniko then to my place for some adorable pictures.

(click to enlarge image)

On Tuesday:

Hair: truth
Skin: curio
Dress: Oyakin*
Glasses: PrimOptic

On Me:

Vest - Shirt - Shorts : Niniko
Socks: this is a fawn
Hair: Mikan
Glasses: Cobrahive
Skin: Mother Goose
Shoes: Reek

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Immersive Art

Immersiva... a place that's also a whole concept, you step into it, walk into it, live in it, you interact with it on a higher level, a new form of art. It also happens to be my favorite place in SL, which is why I chose it for this photoshoot. Drop by sometime and enjoy Byon Oh's creation =) you won't be disappointed.

The closeups picture shows everything I have on with more detail... if it's too small just click on it to enlarge =) The skin is the 2 Year Anniversary Gift by ROMI SKIN, I love it so much! Every skin from that shop is basically my new favorite. It also comes with a shape, which is actually the shape I'm wearing also for the picture... isn't it cute? I must say, I fell in love with it. I will definitely be going back there.
The hair is by .:: KMH ::. and it's its 2010 Halloween Gift. I'm showing just one style but you actually get 3. And they are all equally adorable.
As for the lovely amethyst colored shirt, it's a group gift from MNK. It's sculpted and actually fits very well as it moves with the body. I really liked this one. MNK is a really lovely shop and the stuff on it is really inexpensive, you should check it out =)
The skirt is a group gift from Couverture, it's sculpted, it has lovely textures and comes with two wearing options for different attachment points.

The lovely necklace is From *Ticky Tacky*, not a freebie, but definitely worth the linden. The amount of work the designer puts into her work shines through her creations =)
Last but not least, the pretty shoes are a LuckyBoard gift from S@BBiA. You need to join the group to use the LB, but the shop has about 3 and with different items, so it's worth checking out.

happy findings!!!


*Chillin' at home*

first post!!!!!!
this is awesome =D I hope you guys will find this blog both useful and amusing, I promise not to take myself seriously and to show you amazing stuff to wear and great places to visit.
Ok so, for my first post I'm wearing this crazy skin by Illuminati. Now this is not a freebie, but I'm such a freak for hand drawn skins... the detail in this is wonderful.. and not just the face, the body is also pretty tattooed.

The closeup also shows everything else I have on... The bright part of this is that only the skin and the absolutely elegant Bax Boots are not free, everything else IS!!! For instance, the coat is a group gift from R.icielli, that you will find by the entrance door. It's very well made =) and goes great with the hair that's a luckyboard gift from +*HS*+ (you need to join the group to play with the luckyboards, but it's totally worth it!)

Gosh I love taking a nap on my cube cows xD they are not "fashion" but they are so cute! I got them at HBLYS a few months ago
anyway! I hope I helped you find something beautiful today!